Burgundy Wine Class w. the World’s Best Sommelier

Burgundy Wine Class w. the World’s Best Sommelier!


Saturday November 7th, 5:00 PM ET


Gain a deeper understanding of the world of wine and get to know your own palate through with Arvid Rosengren, one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable but simultaneously down to earth sommeliers in the world.

For so many years a region that stood in the shadow, Burgundy has emerged as every wine lovers’ darling. Even though the wines are stunning on their own, a deeper understanding of this complex region heightens that pleasure manifold! Get started on the path of becoming a Burgundy expert.

(This is a series of classes, on diverse subjects within the world of wine. You sign up for each class, and there is no obligation to sign up for the full series. Drop in and out as you want.)


When you sign up you will receive an email with a link to the virtual tasting.

You will also receive a link to purchase a tasting bundle*. The tasting bundle will consist of two or three wines that we will taste, enjoy and talk about through the tasting. The bundle will cost less than $100 (not including shipping).

Although it is recommended, there is no obligation to buy the wines to participate. You are welcome to find them, or similar wines, elsewhere.

The tasting bundles will be shipped from New York. Domestic Shipping throughout the United States. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for delivery. Pickup can be arranged in New York City (Manhattan).


How many people can participate?
We will ensure that there’s enough (virtual) space for questions and conversations. You can invite as many people as you want to join in front of your screen. You can easily order multiple tasting bundles if you want to.

Will you help us figure out what to cook with these wines?
Yes! Seeing as the timing of this tasting is “pre-dinner”, once you’ve signed up you’ll also receive some recommendations of what to cook/order for dinner if you want to dive further into these wines after the session is done.

I loved one of the wines! Can I buy more after the class?
Short answer: Yes! Long answer: In most cases, yes. However, the kind of wines we will be tasting are not industrially made in gigantic quantities. They run out. So act quick if you really love something! We’ll help you with this obviously.

Can I book a private session for me and my friends?
Yes! We can work with you on curating a private session (virtual, or in-person where we can) on a suitable theme for your company event, holiday party or just your friends and family. Reach out!

Who is Arvid?
Arvid holds a range of awards and competition wins, most notably Best Sommelier of the World, a title he won in 2016 in a grueling contest held by the International Sommelier Association every three years for top sommeliers representing over 60 countries. Just getting requires years of studying, blind tasting and practicing . Besides being a sommelier, Arvid is a restaurateur (Legacy Records in New York City), an educator, writer and a consultant to private collectors, Fortune 500 companies, an intercontinental airline, husband, father and a passionate wine lover.

More importantly though, Arvid has a knack for thinking and communicating his passion and knowledge about wine, whether it’s regarding the finest and rarest bottles on the planet or up-and-coming producers in unknown places.

(Listen to Arvid’s interview on popular wine podcast I’ll Drink to That with Levi Dalton for an in depth intro)